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The Jury's Verdict

CASE:Julia Wallace Murder DATE:1931

Below is the overall verdict to date and the jury poll.

As of 14:17 on 30 July 2021, the verdict of the Cold Case Jury is:


An unknown accomplice of Parry's killed Julia Wallace

Jury Size: 551

The Jury Poll
Verdict Vote %
Accomplice. An unknown accomplice of Parry's killed Julia Wallace36
Wallace. William Wallace murdered his wife29
Parry. Gordon Parry murdered Julia Wallace26
Conspiracy. Wallace coerced others into killing his wife8
Prank. Wallace killed his wife after Parry made a prank call1

Further tables showing verdicts broken down by demographic data will be available in due course.

Total number of jurors: 551

Author's Comment:

Currently, the Cold Case Jury is split three ways. The leading verdicts are Wallace, Parry and Parry Accomplice. However, a majority (60%) believe Wallace was innocent of any involvement in the murder of his wife. Of course, this may change as more verdicts are delivered in the future.

R.I.P. Julia.

I wish to thank everyone who has voted so far and for their generous feedback on the book.

Antony M. Brown. 19 January 2019 (the anniversary of the infamous Qualtrough Call).

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