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The Evidence File

CASE:Bella Wright Shooting DATE:1919
Exhibit A - The Main Characters
Bella Wright: Victim
Bella Wright

Age: 21. Occupation: factory worker.

Bella appears to have been popular, and had a serious boyfriend, Archie Ward. On Saturday 5 July 1919 she cycled to her uncle's house in Gaulby to visit her cousin. Within an hour of leaving Gaulby, she was found dead next to her bicycle in a lonely lane.

Ronald Light: Suspect
Ronald Vivian Light

Age: 33. Occupation: Maths teacher at a public school.

Riding with Bella as she left Gaulby, Ronald Light was the last person to be seen with her. Fearing being implicated in her death, he initially denied this, but later said they soon parted after leaving the village. He was tried for her murder and acquitted. Died in 1975.

George Measures: Witness
George Measures

Age: 62. Occupation: Road worker.

George Measures was adamant that he heard Ronald Light addressing Bella by name, suggesting a familiarity between them. He did not like 'the look' of Light and urged Bella to hurry home. He picked out Light from a line-up.

Joseph Cowell : Witness
Joseph Cowell

Occupation: Farmer.

While hearding cattle along the Via Devana, Cowell discovered Bella's body lying in the middle of the road. She was still warm. Her body was lying slantwise in the road, with her feet and lower legs resting on the grass verge. Although close by, Cowell never heard a gunshot.

Alfred Hall : Police Constable
PC Alred Hall

Age: 31.

PC Hall did not believe that Bella could have died from a haemorrhage, as suggested by Dr Williams. His diligent examination at the scene led to the discovery of a spent bullet in the road near to Bella's body, and bloodied crow tracks on a nearby gate. Died in 1966.

Sir Edward Marshall Hall : Barrister
Edward Marshall Hall

Age: 61 (at time of the trial in 1920).

One of the most famous lawyers of his day, Hall had a good knowledge of medicine and firearms, which frequently helped his clients escape the noose. His successful defence of Light is remarkable in that he only disputed a few points of evidence. Died in 1927.

Exhibit B - The Crime Scene
The Via Devana
Plan of 29 Wolverton Street
The Position of the Body
Locaton of 29 Wolverton Street
Exhibit C - Posters and Papers
The Police Handbills
Shooting Crow Theory
Early Newspaper Reports (8 July 1919)
Newspaper Reports
Exhibit D - Map of Leicestershire, 1919
The Qualtrough Quest
Exhibit E - Map of River Soar, 1919
The Qualtrough Quest
Exhibit F - The Shooting Crows Theory
The Bullet's Trajectory
Shooting Crow Theory
The Original Article (1922)
Blood in the bathroom
Exhibit G - At Close Range
A Potential Scenario
Shooting Crow Theory
Bella Wright Ballistics
Exhibits In e-Book
H Monthly Timeline Specially compiled chronology of events 1885 - 1975
I Hourly Timeline Specially compiled chronology of events 5 - 6 July 1919
J Autopsy Findings A summary of the autopsy results performed by Dr Williams
K The Reward Posters Text of both police handbills published in early July 1919
L The Trial Minutes Summary of trial proceedings with testimony of every witness
M Absent Witnesses Summary of the police statements of Agnes and Margaret Measures
N The Geometry of an Accident Examining the claims of Trueman Humphries
O The Evidence in the Safe Full text of dramatic evidence published for the first time
P Further Reading Overviews of all the major books and articles on the case