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The Jury's Verdict

CASE:The Green Bicycle Mystery DATE:1919

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Foreman Of The Cold Case Jury, Please State The Current Verdict

As of 15:51 on 19 June 2019, the verdict of the Cold Case Jury is:


Bella Wright was murdered by Ronald Light

Number of Jurors: 721

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Author's Comment:

With over 500 jurors, the verdict is now stable. And so the collective verdict of the Cold Case Jury has been delivered: Ronald Light most likely got away with murder. It is a majority decision. What is beyond reasonable doubt, according to the Cold Case Jury, is that Light was involved in Bella's death. Indeed, it is clear that today Ronald Light would be found guilty of manslaughter by a jury of his peers. It is interesting to speculate whether he would have done in 1919.

R.I.P. Bella.

I wish to thank everyone who has voted so far and for their generous feedback on the book.

Antony M. Brown. 1 November 2018.

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