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CASE:Bella Wright Shooting DATE:1919

Postscript: My View Of The Case - But Not Yet!

The Postscript is the final chapter of the case. It gives my own view of what happened. However, I believe you are not a registered juror for The Green Bicycle Mystery i.e. you have not read the case and delivered your verdict at this site. Once you've given your verdict and you revisit this page it will display the Postscript for The Green Bicycle Mystery.

I know some readers like to flick to the end of a book first, find out what happens and then read from the start but this is not how the Cold Case Jury works! It's your view that counts - so there's no reading the Postscript first. This is one book you have to read the right way round. However, if you are a reader that needs an 'end fix' then you can look at the current jury verdict. But that's it!

And if you do have a peek then ask yourself: would I agree with this verdict? What are the other possible verdicts? What did happen on that lonely lane in 1919? And then you are showing classic symptoms of Cold Case Juror-ism and you are hooked like the rest of us! I hope we will get your verdict soon.

Antony Matthew Brown