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The Jury's Verdict

CASE:Death of an Actress DATE:1947

Below is the overall verdict to date and the jury poll.

As of 06:21 on 28 September 2022, the verdict of the Cold Case Jury is:


Gay Gibson died suddenly during a sexual assault by James Camb

Jury Size: 357

The Jury Poll
Verdict Vote %
Manslaughter. Gay Gibson died suddenly during a sexual assault by James Camb50
Murder. Gay Gibson was strangled by James Camb when his advances were rebuffed33
Misadventure. Gay Gibson died suddenly while having consensual sex with James Camb17

Further tables showing verdicts broken down by demographic data will be available in due course.

Total number of jurors: 357

Author's Comment:

As yet, there is no majority decision in this case. However, it is clear that the Cold Case Jury - by nearly a majority of four to one - do not believe James Camb's story that Gay Gibson died suddenly during consensual sex.

R.I.P. Gay.

I wish to thank everyone who has voted so far and for their generous feedback on the book.

Antony M. Brown. 1 November 2018.

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