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The Evidence File

CASE:Death of an Actress DATE:1947
Persons of Interest
Elieen 'Gay' Gibson : Victim
Gay Gibson

Age: 21. Actress. Unmarried. After a spell in the army reserves, Gay went to Johannesburg, South Africa, in March 1947. She was single, excitable, and had dalliances with several men in a few months. Her character, and particularly her relations with men, became an important issue at the trial: did she actually encourage the steward into her cabin?

James Camb : Suspect
James Camb

Age: 30. Deck steward (first class). Married with a young daughter. He led two separate lives: the family man onshore, a Lothario at sea. He he always protested his innocence in the death of Gay Gibson. After his death sentence was controversially commuted, he was released from prison in 1959. He died in July 1979 after another spell behind bars.

Fred Steer: Witness
Fred Steer

Nightwatchman on the Durban Castle.

Involvement: he answered the ringing bells from cabin 126 and saw James Camb inside, leaning against the chest of drawers. How long Steer took to answer the bells is important. If it took him less than a minute, Camb had little time to allegedly strangle Gay.

Dr Anthony Griffiths : Witness
Dr Anthony Griffiths

Ships Surgeon on the Durban Castle

Involvement: he examined Camb the day after Gay Gibson disappeared from the liner. He found recent scratch marks on Camb's right forearm and on the back of his neck, which appeared to have been made from 'cat's claws'. Was the latter inflicted by Gay's hairbrush?

Mike Abel : Witness
Mike Abel

Leading actor in Golden Boy.

Involvement: Character witness. He implied that Gay was promiscuous and prone to hysterical outbursts. He suggested that Gay made up stories about her past and had health problems. He also stated that Gay told him she was pregnant.

Sid James : Witness
Sid James (Carry On Actor)

Actor, aged 34.

Involvement: Alleged lover. The famous Carry On actor and notorious womaniser is claimed to have had a torrid affair with Gay Gibson during 1946. He described Gay as a 'nymphomaniac' when questioned by police about Gay's death. These claims are investigated in the book.

Dr Ena Schoub : Witness
Dr Ena Schoub

Wife of Henry Gilbert, the producer of Golden Boy.

Involvement: Character witness. As a casualty officer at the General Hospital in Johannesburg, Schoub provided credible insight into Gay's health. She stated that Gay tired easily, had shortness of breath, and was worried about a possible pregnancy.

Joshua Casswell : Barrister
Joshua Casswell KC

Defence barrister for James Camb.

Casswell believed there was insufficient evidence to convict Camb of murder, although he failed with the appeal against the verdict. He went further: based on their conversations, he believed that Camb was telling the truth and that Gay had died in his arms.

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