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CASE:The Green Bicycle Mystery DATE:1919
A Small Selection of Customer Reviews and Comments

GOODREADS "This true story presents all the facts from the case. It is very well researched. The book is presented in a narrative that assumes you are the jury person. I have never read a book in this style prior so it was a completely different reading experience, as opposed to reading a regular true crime non-fiction book. It made me become more immersed in the story due to to the way it was written. Throughout the book the reader is presented with pieces of evidence that can be examined and scrutinised. At the end of the book, once all the facts have been presented and viewpoints expressed, the reader is directed to a website he/she can deliver their own personal verdict. I really did enjoy this book as it gave me a different and exciting reading experience. Well worth reading!"

AMAZON "A really engaging and refreshing work, highly recommended. Something genuinely different. Not one persons reading of a case presented as truth but a patient and very detailed setting out of the evidence. The reader is engaged by the style and tone of the work, all the data and details of the case are calmly reviewed with refreshing frankness and honesty. You are painted a picture of the time which probably holds the answer to this case."

AMAZON "Antony M. Brown has carried out a considerable amount of research on this case, and goes through the various aspects of the murder in some detail, focussing on the murder weapon, the state of the body, the location of the murder, etc. He has also traced what may be a major piece of evidence in deciding what did happen that fateful day. It is then up to the reader to access the author's website and vote for one of the various options, as well as reading his own verdict (and the reasons why) on the case. One particular aspect of the book which is very gratifying is the author's close attention to detail. We do not just read about the murder itself: the social and historical side of the period is well covered, referring to the aftermath of the First World War, its effects on those who fought it and the changing position of women at that time. Many female workers who had been restricted to domestic work before 1914 found themselves working in factories and shops as the war progressed, and this was to have a far-reaching impact on their social position once it was over. I was gratified to see that I had arrived at the same conclusion as the writer as to the verdict on the case but I will certainly not reveal this here. This is a very good account of a baffling murder case and I am sure anyone with an interest in true crime will find it an excellent read."

GOODREADS "I liked this book as it was different to anything I had read before. It is based on a cold case - the death of a young woman in 1919. It sets the scene perfectly and then goes on to show the witnesses, the evidence etc and you are presented with it all as if you are a member of the jury. Then there is a section full of transcripts, maps, autopsy reports etc. It ends with the author's viewpoint ... but you are encouraged to make up your own mind."

CRIME TRAVELLER "A classic unsolved case which has all the elements to keep any true crime enthusiast asking all the questions. Included in the book are complete timelines of events, minutes of the trial of Ronald Light and an overview of the books and their conclusions which have been written on this intriguing case."

AMAZON "This is in the newly themed Cold Case Jury Collection in which the reader is invited to try to solve the crime. This involves the discovery in 1919 of a young woman (Bella Wright) laying dead in a country lane in the village of Stretton Parva, Leicestershire. This is an intriguing case and you are assisted with the help of maps. You are presented with the story then the evidence and finally the court case and verdict. In the final analysis you can, should you so desire, join the online cold case jury website. For me it was sufficient to read the book and I enjoyed it but will withhold my verdict and allow you to decide without spoiling it. Lots of fun - recommended for all Agatha Christie and Cluedo types."

EBAY "A great read. Should make a TV drama of it."

AMAZON "A chance to read something very different from the usual run of the mill crime stories-even better you can offer your opinion on a web site! Appreciate the detail gone into this book and I think I will be looking for similar. Would recommend."

AMAZON "I really enjoyed this book, if you like good old fashion real life murder mystery you will like this. The author also involves the reader by inviting them to put forward their own verdict by voting via a website."